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"WineCompliance.Com has been nothing but great for our company. They are very informative, precise, transparent and definitely bring knowledge with class to the professional relationship we have. From the different state laws, to the breakdown of their reports, we have absolutely no regret having hired them as our Compliance agent. Matter of fact, I would encourage any company to at least try such excellent service." Amad Beye National Sales Pahlmeyer, Napa Valley  

"The expert staff is friendly and eager to help within a moment's notice!" Alessandra Boscarino Direct Marketing Manager Darioush, Napa Valley

Services we offer

We offer comprehensive guidance and assistance with compliance and regulatory issues. If you don't see the specific service you need, please do Contact us. It is likely we can help you, guide you, or direct you to someone who can.


  • 34 Years Experience with state agencies
  • Exports
  • Importing


  • Bond processing
  • Certificate of Authority
  • NABCA Codes
  • Pack Changes
  • Price Posting
  • SCC Codes
  • Service of Process Agent
  • Unimerc codes
  • Update Company Information


  • Brand/Label Registration
  • Certificate of Label Approval (COLA) Submissions
  • Dist. Changes with state
  • Distributor Appointment
  • Document renewals
  • Domestic State License
  • Federal Basic Permit updates
  • Fictitious Business Name filing
  • Research
  • Secretary of state filing
  • Size Change Notification
  • Standard Quotations
  • Territory Assignment
  • TTB Trade Name additions
  • Use-Up processing
  • Label Proofing


  • Customer Service
  • Established State agency rapport
  • 30+ business relationship with TTB


  • Excise Report
  • Sales Tax
  • Shipments reports
  • Supplier/Wholesale


  • Licensed Salesperson
  • Licensing direct ship
  • Licensing wholesale
  • Negotiant Licensing
  • Tax Registration Permits
  • Winery start-up licensing


  • FTP site to access your data
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