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"We've been working with WineCompliance.com for several years, and we couldn't be happier. WineCompliance.com handles everything most professionally, and they even work miracles whenever an unexpected problem arises. With the steady and complicated demands of compliance taken off our desks, we can enjoy the wine business to the max, which is a major goal at Judd's Hill! Bunnie Finkelstein Co-Owner Judd's Hill

About us

Why we're here

Making wine is an art, but filing forms with regulatory agencies is not.

Having worked in the wine business for many years, Eva Bedolla saw that wineries struggle with paperwork and regulatory requirements every day. But the wineries she knew were interested in making great wine, not in dealing with the government. These requirements upon them were at best distractions, and at worst, serious hindrances to creating wine and running a wine business. Over time she saw that she could help wineries by taking away this burden and giving them peace of mind that paperwork obligations were being taken care of professionally and carefully.

In January of 2005 Eva launched WineCompliance.com. Immediately she began acquiring clients who were delighted to be able to outsource these obligations. Ever since then, Eva and her capable staff get to spend their days doing what they do best, so their clients can do what they do best.

How exactly do we help our clients?

We prepare alcohol reports, process license renewals or first-time applications, complete audits involved in reporting to state and federal alcohol agencies, and review current recordkeeping practices. We can also recommend ways of streamlining processes, reporting, train staff in compliance issues and act as a liaison to the TTB (Tax and Trade Bureau). When a client needs time prior to disclosure of a problem situation requiring TTB or ABC notification, we maintain strict anonymity.

For example: If a client suspected that records hadn't been properly prepared, we could review their data and create any supplemental documentation that might be required in an audit.

If a client was aware of previous reporting errors but was unsure how to resolve the discrepancies, we could review data, establish critical supporting documents as needed, and submit corrections with explanations to state and federal agencies, putting our client's business back on track.

We know which documentation and filings to prepare if a client is updating or changing their business entity status. The client would then have reassurance of accurate submissions.

We see the big picture

Our wide range of industry knowledge allows us to see the bigger picture and understand how seemingly minor changes can affect a wine business in significant ways. We can advise on or execute the processes needed to ensure our clients will be in full compliance with state and federal alcohol agencies.

At WineCompliance.com we're a tight-knit team of experienced professionals. Together we provide some of the best service you will find in the wine business.

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